Peter Udo Maurer was born in Giessen, West Germany in 1952, and at age three moved with his parents to socialistic East Germany.Peter’s thirteenth birthday present was a 6 x 6 camera, and the  fascination to taking photographs, developing them in the darkroom and seeing moments of life captured evolved into his future passion.While living behind the "Iron Curtain" Peter developed a strong desire for freedom, which formed and dominated his philosophy of life to the extent that at the age of twenty he was sentenced to eleven months in prison for expressing anti-government sentiment.In 1978 Peter emigrated back to West Germany where he followed his passion and became a freelance writer and photojournalist, with work published in "Sternmagazine","Mannheimer Morgen", Heidelberger Tageblatt " and various newspapers.During 1984 Peter attended a seminar for photojournalism at the  “Deutsches Institut für publizistische Bildungsarbeit” in Hagen, and thereafter spent a year photographing in Mexico and Guatemala.In 1987 Peter travelled overland from Germany to South Africa where he lived and photographed till 2012.He is co-author of the photo book “We don’t cry, we sing”.Peter currently lives in Berlin Germany, where he studied online journalism at the Comcave College.He works now part time  for several newspapers and online media.Exhibitions: "Theaterhouse" Stuttgart, "Tollhouse" Karlsruhe,Book recession " Stuttgarter Zeitung"

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10961 Berlin
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